Matrix Categorizing

Matrix categorizing items contain a grid in which elements are in rows, and the categories are column headers. Users select a category for each element by filling in answer bubbles at the intersections of rows and columns.

Matrix items are also accessible with audio and switches in the online format and can also be represented in paper-and-pencil and braille formats.

  1. Will is rewriting a report about going to the zoo. He needs to use facts instead of opinions. Read the sentences from the report and sort each sentence to show whether it is a fact or an opinion.
  2. Sentences Fact Opinion
    There are over 300 animals at the zoo. answer circle answer circle
    The zoo is the best place to go for bird-watching. answer circle answer circle
    People can ride a train to tour the zoo. answer circle answer circle
    Riding the train is a fun activity for everyone. answer circle answer circle