Matrix Ordering

Matrix ordering items contain a grid in which elements are in rows, and the sequence numbers are column headers. In braille, elements are lettered, and there are corresponding letters at the intersections of rows and columns to simplify responding with a braillewriter. Users enter a sequence number and a letter for each element to indicate the correct order of events. This arrangement is different from the layout of other braille matrix item types because the text elements must be placed in rows.

Matrix items are also accessible with audio and switches in the online format and can also be represented in paper-and-pencil and optical scan formats.

  1. Marni is writing a story for class. The sentences from the story are out of order. Read the sentences and put the sentences in the correct order.
  2.   1. 2. 3. 4.
    1. "Of course," exclaimed Claire as she walked over to her couch.
    A A A A
    1. "Thank you," smiled Claire.
    B B B B
    1. "You are doing a wonderful job at gymnastics," said Coach Lydia.
    C C C C
    1. "Claire, may I talk to you for a minute?" Coach Lydia asked.
    D D D D